Is the Mongoliad the Future of the Novel? on ABC Radio’s Book Show

The Book Show (ABC Radio) talks to Neal Stephenson and Greg Bear about The Mongoliad:

We’ve been hearing that digital technologies are changing the format of the book and that the novel as we know it will be transformed. One example of these changes is the new fiction project The Mongoliad.

Described by its creators as an “experiment in fiction and technology” The Mongoliad is a novel delivered in weekly instalments to online subscribers over the course of a year. Each week, subscribers get a new chapter of the novel as well as maps, artwork, music, video and encyclopaedic updates.

The Mongoliad is the brainchild of science fiction writer Neal Stephenson whose previous books include Anathem, Cryptonomicon and The Baroque Cycle. But it’s a collaborative venture and there is large creative team responsible for the world of The Mongoliad, including six other writers – one of whom is fellow American science fiction author Greg Bear whose work includes the award winning novels Blood Music and Darwin’s Radio.

You can listen to the program via The Book Show


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