A catalogue of cats

Whenever I need to track down an obscure or out of print book, I go to AbeBooks. Today, I had the urge to find a book I suddenly recalled reading as a child – a fabulous tale about a cat; a true story that left me in tears, both heartbroken and elated. You see, Uncle Whiskers – the eponymous cat of the novel by Philip Brown – had no front legs: he was a fore-limb double amputee, following a horrific road accident. Yet, despite this, Uncle Whiskers lived an amazing, full life.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes – AbeBooks. I did find the book there, and I also discovered, in a weird sort of synchronicity, that AbeBooks hosts a page dedicated to bookshop cats. As far as I can tell they all have all of their legs, but there is a sweet little cat there who has only one eye – Zola, the ‘the one-eyed pirate kitty mascot’ of the Iliad Bookshop in North Hollywood, CA. Click here to see Zola and the other bookshop cats.


5 thoughts on “A catalogue of cats

  1. Cats + books……a match made in heaven!
    Thanks for the tip about Abe Books. I’d never heard of them but will be trying them out for sure.

    • Hi Judy – I hope you find AbeBooks of use! Another online book shop I could not survive without (though I’d be infinitely richer if they did not exist!) is bookdepository.co.uk – new books, really good prices, and free shipping to most countries … alas, it seems they don’t ship free to Egypt 😦

      to cats & books! 🙂


  2. I want to read that story now! It’s amazing how adaptable animals are. And I agree, cats and books just go together somehow. Especially when you’re trying to read the book and the cat sits on it, lol.

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