Women, William & Warsaw

My paper proposal has been accepted for the 3rd annual conference on Evil, Women and the Feminine! [The paper is entitled Binding Women:  Challenging Heroic Archetypes in William Morris’s The Water of the Wondrous Isles] I am excited not only because, 3 years post-PhD, I am finally dipping my toes back into the world of academia, but also because the conference is being held in Warsaw, Poland. Warsaw! Why would you hold an international, inter-disciplinary academic conference in Warsaw? I don’t know – but it makes a for great excuse to pop over to Europe (if 30+ hours of travel time from Sydney, Australia can be considered  “popping”).

The conference venue – the 4-star Holiday Inn – is located opposite the Palace of Culture and Science. The Palace of Culture & Science, no less. You can only gaze in awe at such an ambitious, grandiose monument to communism, Soviet hegemony and Cold War architecture. The Palace – and to give it it’s full, original name, The Joseph Stalin Palace of Culture and Science – is the tallest building in Poland, and the eighth tallest building in the European Union.

So, unless my ambitions far exceed my budget (and it’s not entirely unlikely that fiscal pragmatism will prevail and I will be abandoning all plans for this intellectual, academic indulgence) this is where I’ll be hanging out, with the proletariat, come May.


2 thoughts on “Women, William & Warsaw

    • I am now following your blog in my google reader. I’m eager to see your Warsaw pics – you got out aand about a lot more than I did in Warsaw. My photos are all take around a 1 block radius of the hotel!

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