The Evil Body

The e-book The Evil Body is a collection of the papers presented at the 3rd Global Conference on Evil, Women and the Feminine (2011) and it’s available now:

The e-book is Volume 164 of the ‘At the Interface’ series ‘Evil’, edited by April Anson, ISBN 978-1-84888-074-0. To quote from Anson’s introduction:

‘The chapters in this book reflect the individual expertise and opinion shared, as well as dialogue that materialized, during the third annual global conference for ‘Evil, Women and the Feminine’ that took place May of 2011 in Warsaw, Poland. In a place rich with a violent and repressive history, the conference explored a myriad of themes related to the conflation of femininity and evil, a subversive and oppressive confusion of associations. The event itself, part of the larger ‘Evil Hub’ of Inter-Disciplinary.Net, seeks to explore the often paradoxical notions of womanliness, of purity and exalted beauty yet also a visceral embodiment of the nefarious, and the resultant mistrust that snakes through historical, social and literary instances of this tension.’

Part 1: American Political Women
Evil or Ordinary Women: The Female Auxiliaries of the Holocaust
Kimberly Partee

Part 2: Transgressive Bodies
A Smelly Body, the Fear of the Unclean Feminine Body: A Cultural Analysis of the Debate on Perversion in Charlotte Roche’s Feuchtgebiete
Christina Lammer

Part 3: Evil Portrayed
Mythological Evildoers in Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s Poetry and Painting
Marek Zasempa

Part 4: Between the Covers
Women, ‘Good’ Evil, and the Discourse of Power in Mayra Montero’s The Red of His Shadow
Teresa Rinaldi

Binding Women: Challenging Heroic Archetypes in William Morris’s The Water of the Wondrous Isles
Lilla J. Smee

Part 5: Double, Double, Toil and Trouble!
To Help or to Harm: Female Practitioners of Pharmaka in Ancient Greece
Alison Innes

Part 6: Evil East Asian Women
Evil and Abject Women of the Traditional Japanese Theatre through the Reading of Enchi Fumiko’s Literary Works
Daniela Moro

Critiquing Misogynistic Discourse: The Trope of the ‘Poison Woman’ in Early Meiji Popular Narratives
Tad Wellman

Part 7: Round about the Cauldron Go!
The Bitch = The Witch = The Goddess?
Aleksandra Holubowicz

The Dangerous Outsider: Ritual Exclusion and Integration of Women in Maale, Southern Ethiopia
Sophia Thubauville

Part 8: Hybrid and Liminal Women
Alien Queens and Monstrous Machines: The Conflagration of the Out-of-Control Female and Robotic Body
Simon Bacon

Part 9: Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble
Witches or Bitches? An Examination of Two ‘Bitch’ Female Characters in the Harry Potter Series
Gráinne O’Brien

The Representation of Evil Women in Elizabethan Literature
Abdulaziz Al-Mutawa

Part 10: Look Out! Here She Comes!
‘The revenant is going to come’: Sex and Rottenness in the Communities of Hilary Mantel and Nicola Barker
Eileen Pollard

Sugar and Spice, but Not Very Nice: Depictions of Evil Little Girls in Cartoons and Comics
Jacquelyn Bent, Theresa Porter and Helen Gavin

Part 11: Wicked Wombs
The Tainted Birth in Lovecraft’s Fiction
Cécile Cristofari

Ville Transgressor of the Womb: Reading Rebekah Chamblit’s Silence
Jennifer White

Conceptualizing Malinche in Discourse: An Analysis from a Sociocultural Perspective
Jitka Crhová and Alfredo Escandón

Part 12: The Ever Popular Monstrous Mother
Mother Load[ed]: Literary Representations of Addiction and the ‘Monstrous’ Mother
Nycole Prowse

Part 13: Wailers and Terrorists: Oh My!
The Paradox of Evil: Elevation through Oppression in Julian of Norwich and Marguerite Porete
April Anson

Part 14: Renaissance and Early Modern Independent (?) Females
A Breakthrough to Freedom: Portrait of Renaissance Femme Fatale
Senka Suman

The Act(who)ress: The Female Monster of the Seventeenth-Century English Stage
Katarzyna Bronk

Part 15: Battle of the Sexes: Round One!
Possessed and Jinxed by Wanda Jane: Destructive Femininity in Philip Roth’s Operation Shylock (1993) and Beyond
Anna Linetsky

Feminism and Multiculturalism: A Case Study of Pakistani Women in La Rioja (Spain)
María José Clavo Sebastián & Olaya Fernández Guerrero

Deadlier Than the Male? An Examination of Female Aggression as Evil
Helen Gavin

Hit Like a Girl: Women Who Batter Their Partners
Theresa Porter


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