The Dead Roots Comic Anthology on Kickstarter or, Zombies!

As you know, I have a bit of a thing for zombies, and if you do too, you might be interested in this fine project over on Kickstarter: help print The Dead Roots Comic Anthology. It’s a four-part (180+ finished page) shared-world zombie comic anthology.

Mike Garley, the project’s creator, explains his idea:

‘I wanted to create a shared world anthology that even though told by multiple creators was still about the characters, so I needed a way to cut through all the potentially page-wasting exposition and create a world where the problem was obvious, that way the creators can get straight into what they do best, and that’s telling great stories.

Zombies gave us that way to cut into the crux of storytelling. Although sometimes overused, there’s no mistaking what zombies are, they’re scary kill or be killed monsters, that more often than not signify the end of the world.

Instead of focusing on the zombies we focused on the characters and how they would react in the initial hours of the outbreak, avoiding clichéd, gun-toting stories, and dealing with real world problems… amplified by zombies.’

And, making the stakes even more exciting (for me, at least), is the first stretch goal for the project: if this goal is reached, there will be an additional six-page story by Adam Christopher, author of Empire State, The Age Atomic, Seven Wonders, and the forthcoming The Burning Dark.

Today is Day 2 of the campaign which ends, fittingly, on Hallowe’en–Thursday 31 October at 7:59pm EDT, to be exact.  Go and do your part for this creative expression of the zombie apocalypse.

Death Knocks - written by Gordon Rennie, art by Lee Carter, letters by Mike Stock

Death Knocks – written by Gordon Rennie, art by Lee Carter, letters by Mike Stock (


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